The DJI Movement Controller transforms just how you fly a drone!

When DJI initially informed us on the brand-new one-handed Motion Controller, we were puzzled why it would not be a control for all DJI drones. We appreciate that it releases as an unique controller for the DJI FPV drone, however why? The solution is straightforward, it transforms the means you fly your drone.

DJI FPV Motion Controller

Every one of you experienced Mavic pilots out there know with the two-stick videogame-style drone controller, well, the Movement Controller has no sticks. Allow’s check out.

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DJI Movement Controller introduction

Released along side the DJI FPV, the DJI Movement Controller is an enjoyable one-handed control for the crossbreed auto racing drone. At launch, it was made just for the DJI FPV drone, however additionally drones might appear at a later day.

The remote is not a complete highlighted control tool, however it manages the extremely essentials from liftoff to touchdown.

The DJI Motion Controller launched for $199.

The initial point you require to understand about the DJI Movement Controller is that it is created for one-handed procedure. That’s quite evident taking a look at it. For those of you accustomed to piloting a drone, you recognize there’s a fragile equilibrium of controls called for, usually you’ll utilize 2 hands, and also as lots of as 6 fingers operating in unison to complete a fragile trip treatment. Just how can one-handed procedure also be feasible, specifically without any type of joysticks?

This is where I’ll ask you to pick up a minute. United States experienced Setting 2 GENERAL PRACTITIONER drone pilots will certainly need to re-wire our minds to utilize the brand-new remote. The Movement Controller merely does not run a drone like we are utilized to.

The left stick on a normal remote gives elevation and also yaw controls. The best stick gives side-to-side and also forward/backward activity controls. The Movement Controller does just fifty percent of that, supplying onward motion, yaw control, and also changing your angle of assault. That is, the Movement Control simply transformed your quadcopter right into a fixed-wing RC plane.


DJI Movement Controller procedure

Do not stress, DJI gives great deals of info on just how to utilize the Movement Controller. There’s a tutorial in the FPV Goggles V2 when you attach, there’s composed paperwork, and also you can constantly return right here.

DJI FPV Motion Controller

Buttons and also activates the remote:

  • Accel trigger
  • Turn slider
  • Document switch
  • Lock switch
  • Setting switch
  • Brake switch
  • Power switch

What the switches do, by procedure:

  • Power on and also off— Make use of the acquainted two-click faucet and also hold method on the Power switch.
  • Attach to the drone— If your remote is not yet linked to your drone, all at once press and also hold the Power switch on both the remote and also the controller at the exact same time, they’ll combine, after that fire up the tutorial in the FPV headset.
  • Liftoff— Double-click the Lock switch to equip the props. Lengthy press the Lock switch to liftoff. The drone will certainly concern a float a couple of feet off the ground.
  • Land— Dual click the Lock switch once again.
  • Brakes and also RTH— Prior to we reveal you just how to go anywhere, you ought to understand about the “Stop” switch. Touch the huge Brake switch as soon as to bring the drone to a prompt stop, it will certainly float in position. Lengthy press the Brake switch to launch the Go back to Residence feature.
  • Photos and also video clip— The Tilt slider manages the electronic camera Gimbal. Lengthy press the Document switch to transform in between phot and also video clip capture, after that touch the Document switch to take your picture or start/stop video clip recording.

Just how to fly

Ultimately, just how to fly:

The DJI Movement Controller is gyroscopically regulated, this indicates it is very important that you maintain the remote upright throughout procedure. There is a green-dot target in the FPV safety glasses that reveals you the alignment of the remote, utilize that as one device to assist maintain points in control. Please method motions with the remote prior to you release the drone.

  • Progress— The Accel trigger is your forward activity control. Begin slow-moving, dispirit the trigger up until the drone is progressing at your wanted rate. Keep in mind, you can stagnate in reverse, strategy your trip!
  • Transforming— Turn the controller left and also right to make the drone turn (spin) left and also. The remote does not supply a strafing setting, however you can rotate in position.

Elevation control

— Turn the controller backwards and forwards to manage the upright instructions of the drone. The remote does not supply an approach to go directly backwards and forwards, you are merely altering the angle of assault for when the drone remains in onward activity, like an aircraft.

Should I purchase it?

Should I purchase the DJI Movement Controller?

The DJI Movement Controller is a special and also enjoyable means to manage your drone. At launch, the remote only collaborate with the DJI FPV drone, since that’s the only drone that formally sustains the brand-new trip settings utilized by the brand-new remote. We assume the Movement Controller is absolutely worth the $199 rate tag if you are acquiring the drone.

DJI Movement Controller

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